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Our heritage

We are a hand-made equestrian bootmaker and produce and carry a range of over 2000 pairs of

different types of boots for all equestrian purposes.

We offer a choice of ready-to-wear boots available from the ‘shelf’ in different fittings 
and, as well,

factory made-to-measure boots, and our world famous hand-made, made -to-measure boots.

Our boots are worn by members of the English Royal Family and rulers of many countries and also by

many of the top show jumper, dressage and event riders throughout the world, including national and

international Olympic teams and riders from Helsinki 1952 to Sydney 2000, where we were chosen

again to be the suppliers of riding boots for equestrian international Olympic riders. We are very confident of executing any type of boots, to your specification, from a completed self-measurement form. You can download a self-measurement form from this website, which you can then print out, or alternatively, if you contact Schnieder Boots we can post one to you.

The success of this type of mail-order is confirmed by the fact that we export to over eighty countries throughout the world.

We are confident in saying that our boots are the best available in the world as regard quality, style and fit and we are very proud to be connected with the “Household Cavalry” as official supplier of “Jack Boots” to Her Majesty The Queen’s Life-guards and Blues & Royal’s.

                                                     In 1999 the Schnieder Boots company acquired W& H Gidden, who have been makers of saddles since 1806,                                                       when William and Henry Gidden made their first saddle. Within ten years, their work was renowned for its                                                                 quality and precision. Since then, everything that W&H Gidden has made exemplifies the timeless qualities of                                                         English tradition.

                                                     All W&H Gidden leather goods are made from the world's finest leathers after a lengthy traditional tanning and                                                       curing process. Stringent quality control, combined with W&H Gidden craftmanship, means that our saddles                                                           last for a lifetime.

                                                     W&H Gidden holds the Royal Warrant as saddlers to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This tradition of                                                                       aristocratic patronage dates from 1815, when the Duke of Wellington rode into battle against Napoleon on a                                                           Gidden saddle.

Over the centuries, W&H Gidden has acquired skills for making all manner of leather goods and diversified into almost all areas of equestrian accessories. Unusual commission are a speciality. We now also make a range of leather goods, from briefcases to wallets, that epitomise the classic English look often copied by today's catwalk designers.

Hand stitched closure
Selection of wooden lasts
Individually hand-crafted
Individually hand-finished
Bespoke made-to-measure
Attention to detail
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